An intro from the editor

As you all know, Emigration Creek flows westward through the Westminster campus providing a natural remnant of terrain that predates the establishment of our college. Flanked by several buildings, sand volleyball courts, an artificial soccer field and manicured lawns; Emigration Creek provides the thread that ties us to the land we occupy and the Wasatch Mountains. Water collects from the mountains and valleys along the creek, passes through our campus, joins the Jordan River and eventually finds its way into the Great Salt Lake. What is sadly unique about our stretch of the creek, here on campus, is its free flowing form that allows us access. The creek is flanked on both sides by culverts that imprison the waters as they flow through Salt Lake City. My experience as a student at Westminster is mirrored in this free flowing aspect of the creek and has broadened my perspective in ways that weren’t previously afforded to me as a citizen of Salt Lake.

The community of Westminster College offers a unique environment to explore our personal interests and pursue our professional ambitions. The diverse student population is comprised of experiences that reach around the world and is reflected by the composition of our faculty and the vast wealth of knowledge they share as a result of their life experiences and academic disciplines. While most students make their way through the Westminster experience in four years, like the steady current of the creek; our staff and faculty tend to eddie out and stay quite a bit longer. It is within these academic waters that our community mixes and is built, as we share our ideas and experiences for a time that hopefully broadens our personal and academic perspectives collectively.

The Emigration Creek Environmental Consortium has been created to provide an extended space to elaborate on our personal and academic perspectives. It has been founded on a desire to provide a forum for cross discipline discussions that allow all members of our community into the fold. What topics or questions do you find missing within our community? Is there something you have touched on in a class that you would like to share or further elaborate on? Are you sitting on some powerful insight that the rest of us are missing? EC2 would like to provide you with a place share your knowledge and insights and enjoy the collective work of our community.

It is a great honor to welcome you to the Emigration Creek Environmental Consortium.

Jeff Letey
Student Editor

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